Do you feel that? That’s the very Virgo urge to get your shit together. At 1:16 AM PT on Saturday, August 27th, the New Moon in Virgo is urging us all to consider efficiency in every aspect of our lives. What’s working? What’s not? And more importantly why? Virgo is the sign of precision, harvest and service. She’s very don’t talk about it be about it. This transit is asking us to acknowledge the sobering reality that being precise about our needs opens up space for us to show up as our truest self. And that is the best service we can offer to our communities. 

The New Moon is an ideal time to get stark about your intentions and goals and let go of the baggage weighing you down. These intentions can grow as the lunar energies of the moon waxes toward fullness throughout the month. What does your sign need to release this New Moon in Virgo? We’re hoping these card pulls can help point you in the right direction. 

Read through the readings taken from the BLACK QUEER TAROT guidebook written by Justin Henry. Take what resonates, eat the meat and spit out the bones. We recommend checking the readings for your sun, moon and rising sign. If you don’t know yours, you can find it out here. If you’d like to share please make sure to credit us! :D Thank you x infinity!  




Aries Sun, Aries Moon & Aries Rising - Five of Cups (Reversed) 



“Sean sits in a dark limestone cavern that has been hollowed out by water over the years. Like this cavern, his heart feels empty, concealed, and numbed by loss. Although he can clearly see the cave’s exit right above him…” 

When reversed, the Five of Cups suggests that one is learning from past losses through acceptance. In doing so, one places oneself in the best position to avoid difficult circumstances similar to that which one was forced to deal with in the past. This card showing up can be an invitation to forgive yourself for anytime you weren’t your highest self in the past. Take this as a reminder to put the past behind you and start moving diligently towards a new personal narrative. While new moon transits are ripe with the energy necessary for reflection and release, with this new moon in the detail loving and often hypercritical sign of Virgo resist the urge to pick yourself apart. The main message here is one of self-forgiveness. 

Affirmation: I forgive myself for the times I believed staying small was the only way to be loved.





Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon & Taurus Rising - The Emperor 


“Devin grounds into zir feet to defend the territory ze has led and cultivated for years. Ze becomes one with the mountains to envelop and protect the lands that prosper below. In doing so, Devin embodies the solid foundation needed to uphold all of society in spite of threats from the outside.” — Justin Henry 

The Emperor suggests that utilizing discipline to exercise authority over oneself and surroundings can provide security and stability. As the model leader, Devin reliably calls upon strength, wisdom, and courage all derived from experience to bring order to the chaos. In doing so, ze has turned knowledge into power and eliminated fear, even in the face of acute uncertainty. Devin watches proudly as zir skills permit zir community not only to survive, but to thrive. To see The Emperor, With this New Moon in Virgo, you could be called to embody The Emperor in your projects and goals—strategically. 

Affirmation: I am creating a life of safety, order and peace.


Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon & Gemini Rising - Temperance (Reversed)

“Wade stands his ground, channeling a barrage of energy throughout the sky above, ready to act on his impulses to eradicate all that no longer serves him. He calmly manages the concentrated energies, each representing an individual train of thought, while all those below are none the wiser.” — Justin Henry

Temperance suggests that moderation and poise are needed such that one may harmonize with others and work toward long term goals. When reversed, Temperance suggests that one is restricted by shortsightedness and feeling imbalanced in day-to-day responsibilities. Rather than delaying gratification and considering the areas in his life that lack moderation, you press forward with the things you want to achieve, and yet are surprised to see a lack of positive results. This new moon in Virgo take some time to reflect on where your energy is directing. 

Affirmation: I choose what happens next in my story.





 Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon & Cancer Rising - The Empress (Reversed)

“Camile lounges in her courtyard adorned with the finest flora and friendliest fauna that the world has to offer.  Connection with others and the planet allows her to tap into the soothing energy that she inhales and exhales every moment.” — Justin Henry 

The Empress suggests that you bring yourself closer to friends, family, animals, and nature in order to be reminded not of your smallness in relation to the larger world, but also of your uniqueness and vitality to its constitution. When reversed, The Empress suggests that harmonious life cycles have been disrupted as a result of disconnection from friends, family, animals, and nature. Camile is unable to put her life and loved ones in perspective, falling prey to insecurity and reactive behaviors. Not only this, but her heart is shielded, thus inhibiting the development and maintenance of her interpersonal relationships. Without pouring loving, compassionate, and forgiving energy back into herself, she may not come to love and embrace others. When the reversed placement of The Empress shows up it could be a sign you need to prioritize self-love. Utilize this new moon to reflect on moments when you’re neglecting your needs most. With this new moon in Virgo there can be a temptation to be your biggest critic, but this is a call to action to give yourself all the soft and gentle love you're craving without the guilt.

Affirmation: Yes, I am resilient, but I am always worthy of softness and gentle care. 


Leo Sun, Leo Moon & Leo Rising - Five of Swords

“Giorgio catches his breath after an intense battle filled with harsh words and wounds, since all sides were averse to negotiation. It’s possible that although he won the battle, he is far from winning the war.” — Justin Henry

Pick your battles wisely! The Five of Swords suggests a preoccupation with being right. With both the new moon and Mercury in the often sharp tongued sign of Virgo this could be a sign to use discernment with all interpersonal communications. Plus the real battle is the one within. Rather than dealing with the enormous amounts of physical, mental, and emotional resources required to cross swords, the Five of Swords suggests we must accept that some gains are simply not worth the battle. 

Affirmation: I am expressing myself with clear, honest intent.





Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon & Virgo Rising- Nine of Swords (Reversed)

“Coran, sitting at the edge of a desolate cliff, contemplates his recurring nightmare, wherein he is confined in a white gazebo by an invisible barrier as the rest of the world continues around him. Anxious about what his dream may mean, he walks through life with such worry that it consumes his mind.” — Justin Henry

When reversed, the Nine of Swords suggests that one is getting worked up over nothing. As a result, one has lost sight of the important parts of life. If one does not take the time to explore the divine origins of these unfounded concerns, the situation at hand will be self-sabotaged. Words become things, so this New Moon in Virgo let go of the cycle of worry and the need to ruminate. This will open up room for newness to manifest in your life. 

Affirmation: I give myself permission to rewrite a new narrative for me.




Libra Sun, Libra Moon & Libra Rising - Ace of Swords

“Bry'Nt sits in concentration after examining the sharpness of his sword with his own fingers. With clear-cut communication and a sufficient amount of time, he may even simply talk his way to the top without ever unsheathing his sword.” — Justin Henry 

Breakthroughs are on the horizon babes! When the Ace of Swords shows up it's a sign you are on the verge of a breakthrough. The universe is encouraging you to continue to run full speed into the newness you're currently courting into your life. New Moons are the beginning of a cycle which make them ideal times to get stark about our intentions. With this New Moon in the detail loving sign of Virgo get a plan together for that novel, that podcast, that photo project, that business, that whatever you've been dying to get started on and haven’t. Productive energy is on tap for you. Use it.

Affirmation: I Am Worthy Of All My Desires



Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon & Scorpio Rising - The Star

“Ky’ere comes to a mental blockage, thinking himself limited by uncontrollable circumstances, and just as he begins to consider cutting his losses, The Star above him twinkles with a breathtaking iridescence.” — Justin Henry 

The Star suggests that optimism is needed such that one can fully experience something that they had previously thought to be impossible. So long as you channel enthusiasm and uniqueness into your projects, all you wish will eventually be fulfilled. The New Moon is a great time for release and The Star card's appearance could also suggest your soul is itching to let go of whatever ball and chain is weighing you down. Use this time to evaluate what no longer serves you and give it the boot. 

Affirmation: I gently carry my past selves with me as I navigate my way forward.





Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon & Sagittarius Rising  - Prince of Coins (Reversed)

“Chris, the Prince of Coins, gazes at the horizon filled with buildings, each occupied by families and institutions just waiting for his influence to reach them. While others critique his constant prioritization of work, he smirks cleverly as the checks begin to flow.” — Justin Henry

The Prince of Coins is no stranger to hard work. While being strong willed, determined and methodical are undoubtedly great attributes, the Prince of Coins can also be a reminder to not be too stubborn and exercise patience when outcomes aren’t exactly as we’d imagine. When reversed, the Prince of Coins has become bored of the drudgery that is necessary to fulfill his lofty aspirations. The resulting stagnation has him feeling unfulfilled despite the fact that he is doing the work he has always dreamed of doing. Rather than steadily advancing toward his goals, he feels as though he has slowed to a complete stop. With the new moon in Virgo, take time to reflect on how you methodically can complete each step before moving onto the next, setting yourself up to be a trustworthy and reliable businessperson.

Affirmation: I am not inherently broken—I’m bravely surviving systems designed to break me. 





Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon & Capricorn Rising - Princess of Cups

“DáQuan, the Princess of Cups, lounges at the side of the courtyard in between bouts of play and wonder. Eager to learn the most he can about life, he feels drawn to every beautiful and unconventional thing that comes his way.“ — Justin Henry 


As the no-nonsense cardinal sign you are, your routine can be—rigid. The Princess of Cups is inviting you to suspend disbelief and start believing in magic again. This new moon in Virgo is an invitation to release the need to be perfect the first time and infuse a childlike sensibility and joy into your routine. One where everything is magical.  Run, love, live, leap without free. Do whatever your inner child is craving this season. With this perspective and your work ethic anything can literally happen. 

Affirmation: I am saying yes to moments of joy every day.




Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon & Aquarius Rising - The Fool

“Marc calmly lounges on a blanket of clouds, unsure of where they will carry him. From his naive perspective, the clouds move Westward, slowly and unrelentingly. In reality, however, it is not the clouds but the Earth that moves beneath him, as he watches at a distance.” — Justin Henry 

The Fool suggests that a new beginning has presented itself; one that requires faith and free-spirited energy, unfettered by expectation. With the new moon in Virgo, it’s a perfect time to surrender to the divine, allowing hope to replace fear, flying peacefully and gracefully in spite of the potential turbulence. Do remember, what is meant to come will come, and it’s on its way with a role for you to play.

Affirmation: I will get to where I want to be, and enjoy the journey.




Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon & Pisces Rising - The Sun 

“Cristo lounges in a rolling field of sunflowers, turning toward the sun just as they do. Basking in the sun, he becomes existentially aware of the extent of its energy, which has consistently and cyclically fueled all of life for billions of years.” — Justin Henry 

The Sun suggests that freedom, optimism, and good fortune are overflowing at this time, and should be utilized to advance toward one’s calling. Although the Sun’s energy is finite, it is the one thing closest to an infinite spring of energy that may ever be experienced. With luck on your side, this new moon in Virgo is encouraging you to rest and recharge knowing that opportunities to shine both creatively and intellectually are boundless. 

Affirmation: Yes, being seen takes a lot of courage, but I say yes to more visibility.