🪐🌟 Exciting cosmic news! 🌟🪐 Today at 8:08 PM Eastern Time, Mercury gracefully glides into the harmonious sign of Libra, where it will reside until October 22. Get ready for a time of balanced communication, fair-minded decisions, and the art of compromise. Libra's influence will guide our thoughts and conversations towards harmony and diplomacy. 🤝💬

Find out how this transit will affect your sign. Check your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus placements.





Dear Aries, during the upcoming Mercury in Libra transit, the Queen of Sticks shines her fiery energy upon you. This card represents a powerful and passionate individual who is ready to take charge and make their mark on the world. In the realm of communication and social media, this transit encourages you to embrace your natural leadership qualities. Your words and ideas will have a magnetic effect on others, drawing them towards your confident and charismatic energy.

This card also signifies a time of creative inspiration and innovation. Use this transit to express yourself authentically and fearlessly. Your unique perspective and fiery enthusiasm will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Remember, Aries, to stay true to yourself and embrace your inner fire. Let the Queen of Sticks guide you as you communicate, create, and connect during this transformative transit.




Hello, Taurus! During this transit, it is important for you, Taurus, to be mindful of your communication style. The Queen of Swords reminds you to avoid adopting a pessimistic tone when expressing your thoughts and ideas. Instead, embrace her analytical and objective nature to convey your messages with clarity and fairness.

The Mercury in Libra transit brings a harmonious energy to your interactions, encouraging you to seek balance and harmony in your communication. Use the Queen of Swords' discerning nature to find the right words that promote understanding and cooperation. 

Remember, Taurus, that your words have the power to shape your reality. By embodying the Queen of Swords' objective and fair-minded approach, you can foster positive connections and create a supportive environment for growth and understanding.




Dear Gemini, as the Mercury in Libra transit approaches, the King of Swords Reversed appears to remind you of the importance of mindful communication. The King of Swords Reversed urges you to be cautious with your words and avoid conveying bleak or negative messages without considering their impact. It's crucial to remember that effective communication involves not only expressing your truth but also doing so in a way that respects the feelings and perspectives of others.

By embracing the energy of Mercury in Libra, you can cultivate a more balanced and harmonious approach to communication. Seek to find common ground, foster open dialogue, and promote understanding among your social circles.

Remember, Gemini, that your words have power, and by using them with compassion and tact, you can create a positive impact on those around you. Let the King of Swords Reversed guide you towards more mindful and considerate communication during this transformative transit.




Dear Cancer, as the Mercury in Libra transit approaches, the King of Cups emerges to guide you on your communication journey. This card represents your innate talent for empathy and emotional intelligence, which will be your greatest strength during this time.

This transit invites you to share your wisdom and insights with others. Your words have the power to uplift and inspire, so don't hesitate to express your thoughts and feelings authentically. Your empathetic approach will resonate with your audience and foster meaningful connections.

Embrace the King of Cups' energy, Cancer, and let your empathy be your guiding light. Use your intuitive understanding of emotions to create a positive and nurturing online environment.




Dear Leo, as the Mercury in Libra transit approaches, the Ace of Swords reversed appears to shed light on your communication style and the need for efficient expression.

The reversed Ace of Swords suggests that during this transit, you may encounter challenges in effectively conveying your thoughts and ideas. Remember, Leo, that effective communication is not just about being heard, but also about actively listening to others. Embrace the power of open-mindedness and empathy, as they will enhance your ability to connect with others on a deeper level.

Use this transit as an opportunity to refine your communication skills and seek constructive feedback. Embrace the challenges that arise, as they will ultimately lead to personal growth and improved relationships.







Dear Virgo, as the Mercury in Libra transit approaches, the Five of Sticks reversed serves as a gentle reminder to approach your interactions with an open mind and a willingness to listen. It's essential to avoid unnecessary conflicts and power struggles by embracing compromise and understanding.

The reversed Five of Sticks suggests that rigid and inflexible communication styles may hinder your ability to find common ground with others. Instead, focus on fostering harmony and cooperation in your conversations, both online and offline.

Remember, Virgo, that effective communication involves finding a balance between expressing your thoughts and respecting the opinions of others. Embrace the spirit of collaboration and seek common solutions that benefit everyone involved.





Hello, lovely Libra! As we approach the upcoming Mercury in Libra transit, The Two of Sticks represents a moment of balance and potential. It reminds you that compromise may be the key to navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. During this transit, your ability to find common ground and seek harmony will be essential.

This transit also highlights your natural diplomatic skills. Use your charm and tact to mediate any conflicts that may arise. Your ability to find win-win solutions will help you maintain harmony in your interactions and foster a positive online environment.

Remember, Libra, that compromise doesn't mean sacrificing your own needs or values. It's about finding a balance that respects both your own desires and the perspectives of others. Trust your intuition and seek harmony in all your social interactions. Embrace the energy of the Two of Sticks during this Mercury in Libra transit, Libra, and let compromise be your guiding principle as you navigate the world of communication and relationships.





Dear Scorpio, the High Priestess represents intuition, mystery, and the power of the subconscious mind. During this transit, trust your instincts and delve deep into your inner wisdom. Pay attention to the subtle signs and messages that may guide you towards a deeper understanding of the situation at hand.

The Mercury in Libra transit encourages you to seek balance and harmony in your communication and relationships. The High Priestess reminds you to listen attentively and observe the unspoken cues in your interactions. Trust your intuition to navigate through any challenges or conflicts that may arise.

Remember, Scorpio, that knowledge is power. Embrace the mysteries that unfold during this transit and allow the High Priestess to guide you towards a deeper understanding. By staying open-minded and receptive, you can uncover hidden truths that will shape the outcome in a profound way.




Dear Sagittarius, This card suggests that engaging in constant arguments may not lead to any fruitful outcomes. Instead of getting caught up in heated debates, focus on finding common ground and fostering understanding. Seek peaceful resolutions and open-minded discussions that promote harmony and cooperation.

The Five of Swords also serves as a reminder to prioritize your mental well-being during this transit. Engaging in constant arguments can drain your energy and hinder your personal growth. Take time to reflect, practice self-care, and channel your energy into more productive endeavors.

Remember, Sagittarius, that not every battle is worth fighting. Embrace the wisdom of the Five of Swords and choose peace over unnecessary conflict during this transformative transit.



Hey Capricorn, as the Mercury in Libra transit approaches, the Four of Cups card suggests a period of introspection and a cautionary reminder to pay attention to the signals from the universe.

During this transit, it's important for you to be mindful of any opportunities or messages that may be presenting themselves to you. The Four of Cups indicates that you might be feeling a sense of apathy or disinterest towards these signals, possibly due to being too focused on your own concerns or feeling emotionally withdrawn.

however, this card serves as a gentle nudge to open your eyes and heart to the possibilities that surround you. Take a moment to reflect on your current path and consider if there are any hidden blessings or new avenues waiting to be explored. By being receptive to the universe's messages, you can uncover new perspectives and opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations. Embrace a mindset of gratitude and curiosity, allowing yourself to see beyond the surface and discover the hidden gems that may be right in front of you. 

Remember, Capricorn, the universe is always speaking to us in subtle ways. Take this transit as an invitation to listen, reflect, and embrace the unexpected. Trust that by being open to the signals from the universe, you can navigate this period with clarity and purpose.




As Mercury glides into Libra, it's time to unlock the power of the Ace of Swords in your life! The Ace of Swords is a beacon of clarity and truth, serving as a reminder that future progress requires an understanding of the past. The energy of Mercury in Libra amplifies your intellectual prowess, making it the perfect time for you, Aquarius, to cut through the mental fog and gain profound insights.

The Ace of Swords is your key to dissecting past experiences and mistakes, extracting valuable wisdom to propel you forward. It's time to confront your history, acknowledge your growth, and harness this newfound knowledge as a guiding light for your future endeavors. 

Use this transit to communicate with clarity, make well-informed decisions, and cut away the unnecessary mental clutter.




Dear Pisces, heed the caution of the Reversed Fool as Mercury dances through Libra! This card signals a time where it's crucial to recognize that your unique perspective may cloud your judgment, Pisces. You cannot see the world in any other way, and this vulnerability might make you susceptible to deception.

Use this transit as an opportunity to embrace the wisdom of discernment, Pisces. While you cherish your unique vision of the world, remember that sometimes a second look, a deeper understanding, or a bit of skepticism can be your greatest allies.

You've got the power to navigate these tricky waters, Pisces. Approach each situation with a blend of intuition and rationality. You'll emerge from this transit stronger and wiser!