What is a "retrograde" anyway?

For starters all planets in astrology (except the sun and the moon of course) have retrograde transits. A planetary retrograde is an optical illusion where a planet can appear as though they’re slowing down and moving backward from our ant-like view here on Earth. During retrogrades, the past has a way of forcing us to deal with it. For this reason retrogrades transits are ripe for analysis, review, reconsideration and reinterpretation in the areas ruled by a particular planet. So what happens when the planet of communication, timing, technology and travel stations retrograde? Roadblocks, hurdles, quiet crises, confusion and delays are to be expected, yes, but this time is ripe with opportunity too.



What to know about this Mercury retrograde:

On September 9th at 11:38 PM, ET, Mercury will station retrograde in the harmony centric sign of Libra. Libra is all about balance and justice so the start of this retrograde will force us to get our relationship dynamics in order. The spotlight for the first half of this retrograde is on our communities. How do you show up for others? How do they show up for you? What’s your personal relationship to justice and truth? In what ways are you not being just to yourself? What truths about our relationships with others and ourselves are we ignoring? This retrograde is forcing us to confront questions like these head on.

Though this retrograde starts in an air sign, it will then re-enter the earth sign Virgo on September 23rd, and station direct on October 2nd also in the sign of Virgo. The second half of this retrograde will focus on service and organization. Now that you’ve assessed where you’ve been how do you prepare to get where you’re going? This is the time to double-down on the details. Triple check that proposal or text message, rethink how we do things.



How to work with the energy surrounding this Mercury retrograde:

What does your sign need to reflect on this Mercury Retrograde? We're hoping these card pulls can help point you in the right direction.


Read through the readings taken from the BLACK QUEER TAROT guidebook written by Justin Henry. Take what resonates, eat the meat and spit out the bones. We recommend checking the readings for your sun, moon and rising sign. If you don’t know yours, you can find it out here. If you’d like to share please make sure to credit us! :D Thank you x infinity!  




Aries Sun, Aries Moon & Aries Rising - VIII. Strength 

"Instead, he decides to release fear and connect with himself to cool his body with his mind and spirit; from the inside, out."

Strength suggests that an experience requiring all of your power will present itself, and that the best solution will be facilitated by confidence and self-respect. By releasing himself from the droning noise of insecurity, Fredrick has satiated his ego and attuned with the energy of his higher self. Rationing his resources, Fredrick trudges along at his own pace. After another few miles, he stumbles upon a desert oasis guarded by the very same traveler he saw earlier, who now calls him over for a drink.





Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon & Taurus Rising - Two of Cups (Reversed)


“Like any partnership–platonic, professional, romantic, or otherwise–each of them has made the conscious decision to take on the concerns of the other as their own.” 

When reversed, the Two of Cups suggests that the relation at hand is disharmonious as a result of disagreement. Rather than each party considering all concerns within the relation as equally important, the individuals involved are fending for personal interests alone, and conflating these as mutual interests. As a result, the relationship is imbalanced, cultivating an atmosphere that is ripe with resentment.


Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon & Gemini Rising - Eight of Coins (Reversed) 

"He knows that although his faith wavers as he steps further and further away, this is due to his anxious attachments to the past, rather than the uncertainty of the future."

When reversed, the Eight of Cups suggests that although one truly desires to build on the spiritual self, one is consistently being pulled back by a fear of missing out. Rather than leaving the demure to their shallow interests, one appeals to such interests to fit in with the crowd. As a result, one’s spiritual journey has been deferred. 




Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon & Cancer Rising - Ten of Cups (Reversed)


“…by maintaining hope in their new romantic relationship, they manifested every one of their dreams, including perfect reciprocity and love supreme.” 

When reversed, the Ten of Cups implies that one is feeling disconnected as a result of not being able to spend time with one’s loved ones. Whether this is due to internal or external circumstances, one feels lonely and uninspired as a result.




Leo Sun, Leo Moon & Leo Rising - Eight of Cups (Reversed)


"Entropy surrounds him, however, pulling at him from all directions, urging him to falter."  

Thus, the maintenance of his composure is an exceptionally difficult feat. With keen attention to every detail of his craft, however, Jeremiah makes his work look effortless to those watching from below. By taking on this challenge, he puts himself in the prime position to further his skills to become an expert; even if he occasionally drifts off center.

When reversed, the Eight of Coins suggests that one’s perfectionism is getting in the way of progress. Rather than looking at all pieces relative to the whole, one is focusing excessively on small details while more important matters are left unchecked. As a result, one may find oneself dissatisfied with the outcome regardless of the amount of time and effort exerted on minutiae.




Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon & Virgo Rising - Prince of Swords (Reversed)


“Although overflowing with potential energy, they carry themselves with ease and grace.” 

When reversed, the Prince of Swords’ energy is scattered in too many directions. Although a significant amount of energy is stored, they do not have the tangible ideas necessary to complete the project at hand. This is because they are not well acquainted with themself and their motivations. Being ready for a trip without a destination is just as futile as not being ready in the first place.



Libra Sun, Libra Moon & Libra Rising - Six of Swords (Reversed)



“Every twelve steps, she comes up with a new theory as to how she might make the path easier, and every twenty-four, she realizes that she must cut her losses and begin anew.“

When reversed, the Six of Swords suggests that one is reluctant to make the sacrifices necessary to commit to and facilitate change. One is holding onto maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve the present, thus perpetuating one’s stagnation.




Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon & Scorpio Rising -  Ten of Sticks (Reversed)


“Although he doesn’t know it yet, he is at risk of burnout as a result of having to juggle too many things at once. Without parsing down, taking breaks, and prioritizing one’s goals, he will continue to feel overburdened.” 

When reversed, the Ten of Sticks suggests that although one is exceptionally overloaded, the chance to parse down and drop a few responsibilities has passed. Hence, all one can do now is handle each project as best as possible. Be wary of procrastination, as putting off minor duties will indubitably accumulate later.




Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon & Sagittarius Rising  - VII. The Chariot


“This is because his fearless strength allows him to survive even the most tumultuous of circumstances. ”

The Chariot suggests that thoughtful planning and reinforced self-esteem will grant the power needed to surmount all barriers. Acknowledging your gifts, harness all the vigor you have to facilitate the actions necessary for success. Motivated to honor yourself and your divine support, return home stronger than before to salvage what might remain.





Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon & Capricorn Rising - XVIII. The Moon


“At first, he is frightened, since this is the side of him he normally hides in shame: out of sight, out of mind.”

The Moon suggests that although one may view their insecurities as sites of weakness, one can never escape them, as these areas are equally as important to our composition as all other parts we usually consider “strong.” Under the moonlight, all is revealed, including the ways in which Daniel is subconsciously impacted by the very insecurities he attempts to conceal. Although triggering, without recognizing that vulnerability is a necessary truth, Daniel will be stuck in a maze of streets and buildings, evading his weaknesses as they chase him around every corner. 



Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon & Aquarius Rising - XI. Justice


“In this fight, they call upon the power of all those from the past and present to join forces against imbalanced societal standards, asking each individual to contribute something from their diverse personal experiences and backgrounds.”

Justice suggests that honesty and transparency are needed to bring things to balance, in full consideration of what might bring both equality and equity to all parties involved. The assembly comes to insightful decisions about the drastic changes that must be made, based on the pros and cons of each prospective solution. In doing so, they set the foundations for a better society, wherein marginalized individuals never again need to fight for their lives to matter.




Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon & Pisces Rising - Princess of Cups (Reversed)  


“He moves from one fascination-turned-muse to the next, however, unconcerned with the grand potential each thing may offer with time and focused effort” 

When reversed, the Princess of Cups is too distracted to face the logistical knowledge, emotional intelligence, and maturity needed to survive in the real world. Instead, he lives in his own world, measuring all that surrounds him against unrealistic expectations and unachievable standards. In some cases, he has even turned to substance use and other forms of escapism to avoid life’s complications. 



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